About us

Maas Consulting is comprised of a dedicated team of skilled professionals. We are large enough to offer complete and diversified package of services, yet small enough to provide a very personal touch. Maas Consulting offers a range of services including, consulting, bookkeeping, immigration, legal and tax services to individuals, expats, small and medium enterprises, and not –for-profit clients.

We are dedicated to providing professional services with the highest degree of honesty and integrity, and strive to solve your issues.
Clients need to benefit from the efficient and effective services we provide.

Our services

Bookkeeping Services

Trust us with all or part of your books. We provide you with bookkeeping and comprehensive accounting such as;

Monthly / quarterly financial statements
Internal accounting reports
Monthly and quarterly tax reports

We work with both paper and digital documents. Online bookkeeping is one of the possibilities.

Annual Accounts & Reports

An annual financial statement provides you with a clear overview of your financial position. We provide financial statements once a year, and we draft intermediate or special reports on request.


Outsource your payroll to us and safe on costs. We can immediately process your company and employee information. Accurately, correctly, and with care.

Consulting Services

Our company provides consulting services in various capacities to client throughout the year. In addition to acting as a sounding board for management, we provide comprehensive and flexible strategies that address the issues affecting your business of organization.

Legal Services

With our multidisciplinary, one stop approach, we help reduce the gap between business advisors and legal counsel, increasing efficiency and speed to market, while reducing costs.

Tax Services

By keeping current on new tax laws and legislation, we identify key tax planning opportunities to minimize current and future tax liabilities. We provide tax planning, business advisory, return preparation and representation before tax authorities. Our tax consultants formulate strategies in order to be certain that complex business transactions result in the achievement of your objectives. Tax planning services include advice on structure and timing of transactions in order to minimize the tax consequences.

Immigration Services

Our knowledge and expertise in the areas of migration and international employment law is unsurpassed, as we provide services regarding:

Residence permits for Highly Skilled Migrants, employees, and family reunions
Residence permits for self-employed entrepreneurs, particularly via special treaties such as the Work Permits
Permits for the Creative Industry
30% tax benefit ruling for knowledge migrants
Modern Migration Act (MoMi) Compliance
Legalization procedures
Legal advice on EC and EU legislation regarding immigration and free movement of persons and services

Start up Support

As a start-up company or beginning freelancer, you have to deal with a lot of things. Isn’t it comfortable when someone guides you and even takes work out of your hands?

Business Package

Our business package keeps your business compliance with various tax and regulatory requirements. We handle your profit, payroll and income taxes. You receive continuous support on your critical business items:

Guidance in selecting the most appropriate business entity for your company
Help setting up a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce for the registration of your company
Monthly, quarterly or annual VAT (sales tax)
Annual income tax filing and/or company tax filing
Payroll taxes
Legal and tax advice
Administrative support
Book-keeping and accounting support
Tax intermediary services